Water Activators.

Do you know how water activators work? At aquafont we work exclusively with the best brands in order to give our clients the best services.

Below we explain how water activators work.

As? Following the example of nature to revitalize them. By the principle of implosion, through a spiral of turbulence with meanders inside, we simulate the natural state of water and the course it forms with sinuous curves, imitating the meanders of torrents and rivers. The formation of eddies is encouraged, which will drag and absorb the oxygen from this process. The result is revitalized, clean and energized water.

The turbulence technique aims to revitalize and energize the water through the internal meanders that provide the tap water, with low energy, with an implosion force, opposite to the centrifugal force, with the aim of purifying the water. This implosive force acts inwards centripetally, concentrating all the force in the center. Water absorbs oxygen and can self-regenerate to a certain extent.

In protective and activating products, water flows through three inlets in the meandering turbulence spiral made of POM (polyoxymethylene), a material suitable for contact with food. Behind the spiral, a free space is created at the tip, which is where an implosive or centripetal suction force is formed, which is responsible for gently removing rust and lime deposits from the pipes.
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